27-65-00 Item 65: Last Ill. Res.

Enter 2 dashes for each person who:

  • receives SNAP Only (Category 08), or
  • is a component SNAP member on this Form 552, or
  • is an RPY, or
  • new textreceives BCC (Category 93)

For Category 94 or 96 cases, enter the correct code if the information is available, if not, enter 2 dashes. If dashes are entered, get the correct information and enter it at the next REDE.

For all other persons, use Item 65, Last Illinois Residence, to show the month (MO) and year (YR) in which the person began their current period of residence in Illinois.

If the month of arrival is not known, enter 01 (for January). If the person was born in and has lived in Illinois all their life, enter the month and year of birth.