27-33-04-c: Opening a Case (TA 11 or TA 12)

This sub-topic describes the TARs used when approving a regular roll SNAP Only (Category 08) application.

Use the following TARs with TA 11 or TA 12. Use these codes only for an approval on a regular roll Category 08 case. Enter the code that best describes the reason why the SNAP unit qualifies for benefits.

TAR Reasons for Opening Pending Cases (TA 11 or TA 12)
01 Change in Earned Income
52 Change in Unearned Income
62 Change in Assets
73 Change in Law
82 Increased Need
85 Cancellation of AABD(A) Cash Case
86 Cancellation of AABD(B) Cash Case
87 Cancellation of AABD(D) Cash Case
88 Cancellation of TANF/RRA Cash Case
89 Cancellation of Chicago GA Case
93 Living Below Agency Standards