27-60-12-b Work and Training (SNAP)

Enter in the designated fields, ACT. DATE (Activity Date), ACT. (Activity Code), HRS. (Weekly Hours), MGR. (Activity Manager), CON. DATE (Control Date), and if eligible TRS (Transportation) (zero only) if the client is subject to SNAP E&T requirements. This data is recorded in the CDB.

Activity and Referral Codes

Activity codes are used in the ACT. field of the Work and Training Activities area to describe the different types of activities the client is active in.

The Activity Code has 4 digits. The last 3 digits are an activity or information code and the first digit is based on which program staff manage the client's participation in the activity.

The program staff codes are:

4 Family Community Resource Center
5 SNAP E&T Contractor
  • Referral Code

Enter the 4-digit referral code when a client is referred to an SNAP E&T provider for assignment to an SNAP E&T activity. The first digit is the program staff code 4.

  • Activity Codes

Enter the activity code when a client is approved for the SNAP E&T activity. When the client changes activities, replace the old activity code with the new code. If the client ends an activity and does not enter a new activity, enter the Close-out Code (999) with the same first digit as the previous activity code. Multiple codes cannot be entered.

NOTE: The 4-digit activity code is also required with Item 80 needs codes on Mercury supportive service payment authorizations. text deletedSee WAG 27-80-04-b.

200 Job Search
215 Job Readiness
230 Referred to an SNAP E&T provider
350 Vocational Training
353 Adult Basic Education
354 GED
355 High School
453 Earnfare Regular
530 Work Experience
531 Community Work
860 FS Sanction
999 Closed Out

Work & Training Activities Fields

Complete the following related fields with the 4-digit activity code. All fields must be entered.

  • Activity Date (ACT. DATE) - Enter in the month, day, and year fields the 6-digit date the client begins the activity or the date the participation information changes. This may be the current date or a date up to 60 days in the future or a date up to 30 days in the past.
  • Activity Code (ACT.) - Enter the 4-digit activity code. The last 3 digits are an activity code and the first digit is based on which program staff manage the client's participation in the activity. See the code descriptions in the beginning of this topic.

    Enter an activity code whenever the client is approved for a work and training activity or there is a change in the client's activity. 

  • Weekly Hours (HRS.) - Enter the total number of hours (01-55) the client spends in the work and training activity each week. Use an average figure for the month. Divide monthly hours by 4 to get a weekly average. For Close-out Code 999, enter 00.
  • Activity Manager (MGR.) - If the first digit is 4 (activity handled by the Family Community Resource Center), enter the Family Community Resource Center county number.

    If the first digit is 5 (client referred to a contractor), enter the contractor code.

  • Transportation (TRS) - Does not apply to SNAP E&T. Enter zeros.