27-60-03: Recipient Identification Number (RIN)

New InformationUpdated with Medical Morsel - Duplicate Recipient Numbers

If the client was previously assigned a recipient identification number (RIN), enter the number immediately above the first name entry. If a previously assigned RIN is used, enter the current or former case ID number in REMARKS to verify the RIN. Revised textWhen the Client Name and Address Inquiry (ANQR) or ACID inquiry shows a previously assigned RIN within the past 2 years for a client, follow the procedures in WAG 02-07-01. Use the chart in WAG 27-60-03 to determine which RIN to assign. 

Criteria Used for Selecting a Previously Assigned RIN

Revised TextWhen a client has more than one RIN, decide which RIN to assign as follows:

Order of Preference Types of Coverage
Active Medical Eligibility RIN Medical benefits from Family Health Plans (Family Assist, All Kids/FamilyCare Assist, Share, Premium, Rebate, Moms & Babies), TANF, Illinois Healthy Women, Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD), Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD), Breast & Cervical Cancer, Veteran's Care, Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SLIB, QI-1), presumptive eligibility (Child PE, MPE, temporary medical pending disposition on an application, P3, P4, P6), Refugee Assistance, Repatriate Assistance and DCFS (Category 98).
Most Recent Inactive Medical Eligibility RIN Same types of coverage as for Active Medical Eligibility RIN.
Active Specialty RINs DHS Social Service Package B (LO 193), HFS Social Service Package A (LO 194), Department of Corrections (LO 195).
Most Recent Inactive Specialty RINs Same types of coverage as for Active Specialty RIN.
Payee RIN All programs when the payee never received medical or specialty coverage.
Active or Inactive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) RIN Use when the active or inactive SNAP recipient did not receive medical or specialty coverage or was never a payee for another person.
Most Recent Inactive SNAP RIN Use when the inactive SNAP recipient did not receive medical or specialty coverage or was never a payee for another person.

If multiple RINs are found within a group in the order of preference, use the most recently assigned RIN.


Do not automatically assign a new RIN to a newborn. Some newborns are immediately connected upon birth with other DHS Services and a RIN is assigned under LO 193 or 194. Use this RIN. If no RIN is found, assign a new RIN.

Entry of a Previously Assigned RIN from a Case Canceled More than 24 Months

Revised textIf a case has been canceled for more than 24 months, the person's name may still appear on the Client Name and Address Inquiry (ANQR) screen.  If the system will not permit entry of an old RIN. Assign a new RIN.