27-60-00 Item 60: First Name (Person Data)

Item 60, Person Data, contains the following types of information about the person named on that assistance unit line:

  •  First Name,
  •  Recipient Identification Number (RIN),
  •  Social Security Number (SSN),
  •  Last Name,
  •  Cross-reference Case Number(s),
  •  Alien Registration (A) Number,
  •  Claim Number for Social Security or Railroad Retirement,
  •  Medicare-related Coding (SMIB/HIB, QMB/SLIB, QI-1),
  •  TANF 60-month Counter and Exception Code (if applicable),
  •  Expected Date of Delivery (EDD), if Pregnant,
  •  Work and Training Activity Coding, and
  •  SSI indicator for children who lost SSI eligibility.