27-52-00 Item 52: PAL Codes

There are 2 methods to clear a case once it selects for Section 1 or Section 2 on the PAL. The case can be cleared by a Direct Response or by an Indirect Response.

Direct Response

Enter the letter code(s) in Item 52 that applies. Item 52 has 3 fields. Enter dashes in the remaining fields when there are less than 3 letter codes. When removing more than one code, in the first field enter the code which most accurately reflects the action taken (see WAG 19-06-00).

Code C always requires an entry in Item 52 to clear the code.

Codes B, N, and U may be cleared if, after case review, it is determined there is no action to take. The codes are found on the monthly PAL report sent to FCRCs.

To remove Data Exchange cases from the Data Exchange Activity Reporting System (DEARS), enter the 3-digit crossmatch code in this item. These codes are found on crossmatch transmittals regularly sent to FCRCs by the Bureau of Research and Analysis.

ACM has 4 spaces to enter PAL/Data Exchange codes. Enter a dash in the first position in ACM Item 52 before entering the PAL/Data Exchange code.

Indirect Response

An action must be taken to correct the situation that caused the case to select in order to clear the code. The criteria codes that require an action to be taken in order to clear the code are Q, F, P, S, and X. For example, to clear code X on an AABD Medical case, submit medical information to CAU for a review of the client's disability and update code 156 based on CAU's decision.

Codes B, N, and U can be cleared by taking the appropriate action or by completing a direct response. For example, clear code U either by verifying and budgeting UI benefits in Item 90 or, if there is no UI to budget, by entering U in Item 52.