27-33-01-e: Restoring Assistance with TA 12

When assistance is restored after the cut-off date for the month of cancellation, authorize an initial prorated entitlement (IPE). revised text If the client cooperated within the 10 workdays after the benefits would have been available, use the 6-digit date that is the first day of the month of cancellation.  If the client cooperated after the 10 workdays but prior to the end of the fiscal month of cancellation, use the 6 digit date that is the date of cooperation. 

If a manual IPE is required, restore assistance through IPACS. Use the date of cooperation to register an application.

See PM 19-04-00 for the situations and criteria for when you can restore assistance with TAR 98 or TAR 92.

Restoring Assistance with TA 12/TAR 98

Use TA 12/TAR 98 to restore assistance to a case that was just cancelled. The 30-day wait does not apply.

For TA 12/TAR 98, the turnaround Form 552 includes the same entries that existed on the case when it was cancelled. The client's address (Items 9 and 10) may be changed and a REDE may be reported when processing TA 12/TAR 98.

Restoring Assistance on a Sanctioned Case with TA 12/TAR 92 (TANF)

Use TA 12/TAR 92 in IPACS for a TANF case with an Item 80 sanction code that has reason 92. For TA 12/TAR 92, the sanction reason must be changed; all items must be entered and can be changed, if needed.