27-23-00 Item 23: No. SNAP Elig/Eat Tog.

For units approved for SNAP, enter a 2-digit number to show the number of eligible SNAP unit members.

When SNAP benefits are not authorized on this Form 552 or the unit does not receive SNAP benefits, enter the actual number of persons eating together. Exception: Enter 2 dashes if the client resides in an LTC facility.

NOTE: For AABD Cash (Categories 01, 02, and 03) cases, the system determines the client's Personal Allowance amount based on the number eating together.

When SNAP benefits are authorized on an AABD case and the number eating together includes persons ineligible for SNAP, the entry in Item 23 does not reflect the actual number of persons eating together and the system cannot correctly determine the Personal Allowance. In this case, the FCRC must enter 16 in the PERSONS field of Item 80 Code 117 and Item 80 Personal Allowance codes 101, 102, 103, and 104.

For a SNAP Only (Category 08) case, the number of persons eating together must equal the number of active people in Item 60. If the number in Item 23 is greater or less than the number in Item 60, Item 23 is centrally adjusted.

For cases in other categories:

  • Item 23 is centrally adjusted when it is greater than Item 60, and
  • a central warning is issued when it is less than Item 60.