27-20-01: TANF

For a TANF (Categories 04, 06, P4, or P6) case, enter 2 dashes if the caretaker relative is an adult (age 18 or over) or is under age 18 and has been married.

If the client is a minor parent and has never been married, enter one of the following codes. Enter one of these codes even if the minor parent is excluded from the case due to receipt of SSI, ineligible noncitizen status, etc.

01 (Minor parent) lives with their parent, adult relative, or legal guardian
02 (Minor parent) lives in an adult-supervised home, such as a maternity home
21 (Minor parent) has lived apart from their parent/legal guardian for at least one year before child's birth or before applying for TANF
22 (Minor parent's) parent or legal guardian is deceased or their whereabouts are unknown
23 (Minor parent's) parent or legal guardian will not allow minor parent and child(ren) to live with them
24 (Minor parent or their child(ren)'s) physical or emotional health or safety is in danger if they lived with their parent or guardian
25 (Minor parent) meets one of the criteria for good cause
26 (Minor parent) not living with parent, adult relative, or legal guardian, or in a maternity home or adult-supervised arrangement and not exempt from minor live-at-home policy. 6-month allowance period.
99 (Minor parent and child(ren)) are not eligible for cash benefits, due to failure to meet the live-at-home requirement