27-16-00 Item 16: Prop.

revised textEnter a dash for TANF and MPE (Categories 04, 06, P4, P6, 94, and 96), BCC (Category 93), P3, and SNAP Only (Category 08) cases.

For AABD, QMB Only, SLIB Only, QI-1 Only, and P3-MA cases, enter a code to indicate if the client owns or has interest in real property.

NOTE: QMB Only, SLIB Only, and QI-1 Only can be authorized on Categories 91, 92, and 93.

Code both homestead and non-homestead property. Enter Code 2 if the client owns property and more than one code applies, or if the client owns more than one piece of real property.

1 Does not own or have an interest in any real property
2 Owns or has an interest in real property
3 Owns mobile home, but not the lot
4 Owns mobile home and the lot
5 Has life estate only in real property
6 Selling real property on Contract for Deed
7 Purchasing real property on Contract for Deed
8 Owns real property held in trust
9 Owns real property - disabled child in the home