WAG 25-01-03-b: Finding Information

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To search the manual, use the "Search OneNet" box at the top of the manual home page.

  1. Type in the word or phrase you are searching for.
  2. Click the "Search OneNet" button.
  3. The list of results that appears includes references from all of OneNet. Above the list is a box marked "Section" which is set to "All."
  4. To narrow down the search to the Manual only, click the arrow at the right of the Section box. From the drop-down menu, select "Current page and below."
  5. Click "Search."

This will give you a list of results from the manual only, rather than from all of OneNet.

Refined search

You can also limit your search to a part of the manual. You do this by following the same steps as above, except that you don't begin on the manual home page. Instead, you begin inside the manual, depending on the part you want to search.

Example: You want to look up the procedures for continuing benefits at the previous level during an appeal. You know these are in WAG Chapter 01, Rights and Responsibilities.

Go to WAG 01: Rights and Responsibilities.

Type "continue benefits at previous level" in the "Search OneNet" field, and click the button to search.

When the results page appears, select "Current page and below" in the Section field, and click Search.

This time the search is limited to WAG 01, and you get only one match: WAG 01-07-04: Continuing Benefits at the Previous Level. Click to go directly to that topic.


To use the Index:

  1. Click the Index link on the home page. This takes you to an alphabetical list.
  2. Click the letter of the alphabet for the topic you want. This takes you to a page containing the entries for that letter.
  3. Entries are listed in the left-hand column. Scroll down to find the one you want. PM references are in the middle column, WAG references on the right.
  4. Click the appropriate reference to go directly to that page.

Example 1: For information on the SNAP utility allowance, click on "Index," then on the letter U. Locate the item "Utilities/Utility Standards."

Four (4) PM and 5 WAG references are listed. The references to PM and WAG 13-01-08-b are marked "SNAP." Click the PM reference for policy on the utility allowance, or the WAG reference for the amounts and procedures.

Example 2: For information on lump sums, go to "Index," then click on L. The entry "Lump Sum" says, "See Budgeting and Income." Click on "Income." "Lump sum" is listed as a subentry, with 4 PM and 4 WAG references, one for each major program. Click the reference you want.


If you don't want to search each time for a reference you use often, you can make the page a "Favorite."

Example: Use Search to find the tables in WAG 25 for Fair Market Value for Vehicles. Once you bring up the tables, click on the "Favorites" button on the toolbar. Click on "Add." Name the reference something appropriate. This adds fair market value to Favorites. By clicking on Favorites, you will have a shortcut to the tables the next time you want to use them.

You can mark Sections, Topics, or Subtopics as Favorites, since each of these starts on a separate page.

NOTE: If a revision of the Manual deletes or changes Topics or Sections, it may break your Favorites links. If you click on a Favorite and get a message that the page is not found, check the News items on the home page for recent revisions.