WAG 25-01-03-a: Navigation

Revised subtopic Manual organization

The Policy Manual (PM) and Workers' Action Guide (WAG) are organized as follows:

  • Chapter
    • Section
      • Topic
        • Subtopic

The Manual home page links to the PM and WAG Table of Contents pages, which contain lists of Chapters.

Clicking on a chapter brings up its Table of Contents page, which lists and links to all Sections, Topics, and Subtopics in that chapter. In addition, links to the Sections appear in the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

The first page of each Section contains links to each Topic in that section, and the first page of each Topic contains links to each Subtopic. These appear at the bottom of the page and in the navigation bar on the left.

The navigation bar also shows the pages above the current page, with their titles, up to the OneNet home page. For example, on PM 04-01-02-a, Exceptions to the Filing Unit, the navigation bar shows:

  • Human Services (OneNet home page)
  • Human Capital Development (this Division's section of OneNet)
  • Cash, SNAP, and Medical Manual (the manual home page)
  • Policy Manual Chapter Table of Contents
  • PM 04: Who to Include in the Benefit Unit
  • PM 04-01-00: Who to Include in a TANF Unit
  • PM 04-01-02: TANF Filing Unit
  • PM 04-01-02-a: Exceptions to the Filing Unit (the current page is highlighted)
  • PM 04-01-02-b: Excluded Due to Lack of Nonfinancial Verification

You can go directly to any of these pages by clicking on its link.

Links and cross-references

Each Chapter, Section, Topic, and Subtopic page in the PM is linked to the corresponding page in the WAG, and vice versa. This link appears directly below the page title.

NOTE: Some topics and subtopics in the WAG do not have corresponding items in the PM. All PM pages do have corresponding WAG pages, and are linked to them, although in some cases the WAG page may contain no text.

All cross-references in the manual are linked. For example, PM 04-01-00: Who to Include in a TANF Unit contains the statement "For SNAP policy see PM 04-05-00." This text is linked to PM 04-05-00, Who to Include in the SNAP Unit.