WAG 25-06-09-c: Self-sufficiency Plan

Under the Self-sufficiency Plan Project, clients were required to recognize their responsibility to achieve self-sufficiency. At the same time, the Department recognized its responsibility to assist the client in whatever way possible to reach their goal of self-sufficiency.

All clients (except for control cases) were required to complete My Plan For Finding Work (Form 3616). Form 3616 was required at Intake on applications dated 11/15/95 or later and on active cases beginning 01/96.

Form 3616 was designed to:

  • make the client aware of their need to take steps to find a job as a means of moving their family off assistance,
  • motivate the client to find a job, and
  • help the client formulate a plan for finding a job.

Control sites included all of Williamson County and control cases in Auburn Park. Effective 04/01/96, cases in Williamson County were assigned to C (control) or E (experimental) group.

For responsible relatives, completion of Form 3616 was an eligibility requirement for the entire family.

In 12/96 the Self-Support/Family Assessment Process Pilot was introduced in the following offices:

  • Ashland,
  • Calumet Park,
  • DuPage,
  • Garfield, and
  • Woodlawn.

Form 3616 was obsoleted when the Assessment process was implemented statewide in 07/97. Under the Assessment process, the following forms were created:

  • Family Assessment (Form 4001),
  • Responsibility and Services Plan (Form 4003),
  • Measuring My Progress Toward Self-Support (Form 4004), and
  • Self-Support Scale (Form 4005).