valid reason

An acceptable reason given by a customer for failing to cooperate with child support or SNAP E&T program requirements.

vendor payment

A payment made directly to the provider of goods or services.


The process by which a person's finances, living arrangements, and other eligibility factors are proven and documented. The authentication of truth or accuracy may take the form of facts, statements, measurements, or circumstances.

new textVerification Checklist (VCL)

Appears in ABE when a customer needs to submit additional verification documents for their case.

In IES, it is a list to help caseworkers determine what additional verifications are required.

Virtual Case Manager (VCM) System

revised textThe VCM is a legacy computer system designed to record and document specific activities and processes that occur in a DHS Family Community Resource Center. 

Visitor Information System (VIS)

revised textA legacy application that supports the front desk with logging and routing of visitors to the Family Community Resource Center.