TANF is an acronym for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The program provides financial assistance to families with one or more dependent children. A woman expecting her first child may also be eligible for cash assistance through the TANF program. TANF replaced the AFDC program effective 07/01/97.

new texttask based office

An office where workers are associated with one or more queues and pull application/case tasks from the queues in IES.

new texttasks

Tasks are generated by IES in order to notify a worker of a required action (e.g., second party reviews, pending verification for a case, new documents that need to be processed, etc.).

temporary caretaker (TEMP)

An adult who does not meet the definition of a close relative, but who is allowed to receive the TANF cash benefits for a child(ren) who is in their care. A TEMP can only receive cash benefits for a child(ren) until other arrangements can be made.

tenancy in common

Two or more persons who own property together, and whose undivided interest becomes a part of their estate upon death. There is no right of survivorship by the other owner(s).

terms (of a support order)

The beginning date, the payment amount, and the frequency of support payments required by a support order.


TPL is the abbreviation for third party liability. TPL refers to other sources that may be liable for payment of a customer's medical expenses. The Department does not pay medical expenses until all attempts are exhausted for payment of claims by responsible third parties.

trafficking victim

A trafficking victim is a person brought to the U.S. for the international sex trade, prostitution, slavery, or forced labor.

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new textTransitional SNAP Program (TSNAP)

The Transitional SNAP Program provides 5 months of mercury SNAP benefits to TANF families who become ineligible for cash for specific cancelation reasons. 


A right of property held by one person for the benefit of another.

type action (TA)

Type action refers to the coding used to identify what action is being taken on a case.

type action reason (TAR)

Type action reason refers to the coding used to identify the reason for the type action being taken on a case.