real property

Land and any buildings on it or anything growing on it.


A request for benefits by someone who previously applied for the same category of assistance. It is considered a reapplication even if the person did not receive assistance in that category earlier.

receipt date

The date a customer is to receive a benefit payment. The receipt date is usually calculated to be 2 days after the mailing date.

recipient identification number (RIN)

A unique 9-digit number assigned to each person who receives benefits from DHS. The number is used to track and pay medical bills to providers.

recipient ledger

A record of all benefits paid by DHS to, or on behalf of, a customer and any refunds or recoveries credited to their case.

Recipient Restriction Program (RRP)

The goal of the Recipient Restriction Program (RRP) is to reduce excess use and abuse of the medical program by restricting the customer to one physician and/or pharmacy. Restricted cases are identified from a review of cases that have above normal use of services and those that have been reported by an outside source. Customer actions that may cause a review are loaning or altering MediPlan cards to receive benefits a person is not entitled to, falsely representing medical coverage, having forged prescriptions or blank prescription pads, and knowingly helping providers defraud HFS.


The name given to the initial stage of the process by which a person protests a decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA) about eligibility for RSDI or SSI.


Withholding current benefits (in part or in whole) to recover cash or SNAP issued on behalf of a customer, for which they were not eligible.


The abbreviation for redetermination. REDE is the process of reviewing a unit's eligibility and payment status at specified intervals of time.


Support payments sent by HFS to a customer as amounts owed them. The distribution system sends qualifying amounts to customers.


Directing a person to available resources to meet their needs.


A person who fled a foreign country to escape danger or persecution.


The amount sent to a noncustodial parent or Clerk of the Circuit Court when it is determined that an overpayment of support has occurred, the court has ordered the return of payments, or payments were misdirected to the IV-D Agency or custodial parent.


The Family Community Resource Center process that consists of entering data into the computer to record the receipt of an application for benefits.

representative payee

A representative payee is established when the payee does not receive benefits as part of the benefit unit.

Resource Directory and Connections (RD&C)

The Resource Directory and Connections (RD&C) is a key part of the VCM. The RD&C is actually 2 separate components. The Resource Directory lists all available resources in alphabetic order. The Connections Component allows for staff to do actual referrals to a resource found in the directory. A worker matches the customer's specific service need to a resource which provides that service.

resource worker

A staff person in the Family Community Resource Center who performs tasks related to customer income, property, insurance, etc.

Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP) Module

VCM component that allows the worker to complete a RSP (i.e., setting goals, activities, and steps for meeting the customer and their family's needs).

responsible relative

A person who is responsible, or alleged to be responsible, under law for support of another person.

restore assistance

The approval and issuance of benefits for a case that received benefits before.


The approval and issuance of cash benefits for a case that was in suspended status.

retrospective budgeting

Computing a monthly benefit amount based on income received 2 months prior to the payment month. Retrospective budgeting was obsoleted effective January 2002. Retrospective budgeting is only used in overpayment determinations for periods of time prior to January 2002, in which retrospective budgeting was used to determine eligibility or benefit amount.

new textrole

A job function performed by an employee. (e.g., Local security administrator, case worker, etc.) in IES.


RRA is the abbreviation for Refugee and Repatriate Assistance. RRA includes the Refugee Resettlement Program, which provides benefits to refugees who have been admitted to the U.S.; and the Repatriate Program, which provides benefits to citizens and their families who are repatriates.


RRP is the abbreviation for the Refugee Resettlement Program, which provides benefits to refugees.


RRP is the abbreviation for the Recipient Restriction Program. The program's goal is to reduce excess use and abuse of the medical program by restricting the customer to one physician and/or pharmacy.


RSDI is the abbreviation for the Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance program, commonly known as Social Security.


Responsibility and Services Plan - A comprehensive plan for how best to meet the customer's needs of health and self-sufficiency completed after a full assessment of the family and the family's situation.