PAL is an acronym for Priority Action List (PAL).

The Priority Action List (PAL) is a report provided monthly to local offices. It identifies cases which have an error, have a high probability of error, or are due for a REDE. Overdue REDEs appear for informational purposes if the case selects with a criteria code.


Father or mother, natural or adoptive, married or unmarried, as clarified below:

  • A child conceived or born during a marriage is presumed to be a child of that marriage, unless a court has ruled otherwise.
  • The alleged father of a child is considered the child's parent only if there is a court or administrative order that has said he is the father or there is legal presumption of paternity.
  • A man married to a woman when a child is conceived is the father even when they are divorced before the birth of the child, unless the divorce decree states that he is not the father.

pass through (disregard)

When child support payments are not forwarded by a TANF cash customer, an amount of up to $50 is disregarded when budgeting against the cash benefit amount.

For a TANF/AABD MANG customer, an amount of up to $50 to be deducted from current support received for a given month when comparing income to the MANG standard.

pass through (payment)

Up to the first $50 of current support received in a month for a TANF cash customer. It is automatically forwarded to the customer.


The legal relationship of a biological father to his child.


A person in whose name benefits are made.

Payment Level

Payment Level is the maximum monthly amount of cash benefits that a family/person can receive if the unit has no income or recoupment to consider.

payment month

The payment month is the fiscal month for which the benefits are issued.

payment path

The direction of payments specified in the support order or intervention notice. Directs payments to be made to a specific person, office, or Department. The payment path may change as a result of receiving TANF benefits and child support enforcement services.

per diem rate

The all-inclusive daily rate that hospitals are paid for their service.

personal allowance

The standard amount allowed for food, clothing, household supplies, and personal items for an AABD customer. The allowance is based on the type assistance the person qualifies for and the number of people in the family.

personal injury

An injury to a person that resulted from the wrongful conduct of another person.

personal property

Anything that an applicant or customer owns, or has interest in, that is not real property. Examples of this are bank accounts and vehicles.

point count

A system used to evaluate the amount and level of care provided to a resident of a sheltered care facility or home not subject to licensing.

Policy Action Coordinating Team (PACT)

The people involved in the process of suggesting, developing, approving, publishing, and implementing changes in policy and procedures.


A term that refers to the period of time immediately following the birth of a child.

postsecondary education

Education beyond the level of high school.

Poverty Level

Poverty Level is the monthly income amount below which a family is considered to be living in poverty.

revised textpresumed eligible (TANF)

Applicants for TANF Cash can have their cases presumed eligible if income and assets are verified and not all nonfinancial factors are established, but a written request for third party documentation of the missing factor(s) was made, and there is no history of the applicant having problems getting required verifications. A case may stay in PE status for up to 3 regular payment months. The initial prorated entitlement (IPE) period does not count in the 3-month period. 

In addition, a case can be presumed eligible if the alleged father of a child applies for benefits as the caretaker relative, the child's mother is absent from the home, and the alleged father cooperates with DCSS efforts to establish paternity.

primary RSDI benefits

Social Security retirement, survivors, and disability insurance payments made to, or on behalf of, the wage earner from their own earnings account.

new textprofile

A group of one or more business functions that can be assigned to a user in IES. A user's profile determines what parts of the system they can or cannot access.

processing month

The month being processed for, not the month in which the processing takes place.

prospective determination

Prospective determination means reviewing eligibility factors, both financial and nonfinancial, as they are expected to exist in the payment month; and computing the monthly benefit amount based on income expected to be received during the payment month.

new textProtected Health Information (PHI)

Any information about health status, provision of health care, or payment for health care that can be linked to a specific individual. (PHI is protected by HIPAA).

protective payee

A person who serves as substitute payee for a cash case. A protective payee is established to ensure that the cash benefits are spent to meet the needs of the benefit unit.


A person or facility that provides service or goods to someone.

putative father

A man who is alleged to be the father of a child. (See alleged father).