A child support and benefit overpayment collection method which allows intercept of:

  • federal income tax refunds;
  • state income tax refunds and state checks other than a state employee's paycheck;
  • unemployment insurance benefits; and
  • military pay.


OJT is the acronym for on-the-job training. OJT is an employment program under which a person is paid for a job while they learn it.

order for support

A court or administrative order which requires the NCP to pay child support and/or medical support for their child. It is the basis for an order for withholding.

order for withholding

A court or administrative order that directs a payor of income (usually an employer) to withhold a specified amount equal to the support order amount. If a delinquency or arrearage exists, an additional amount is withheld.


The amount of any excess benefits paid to a customer.