Newborn Unit

The Newborn Unit is a central office unit responsible for adding a newborn to an eligible DHS case.

noncustodial parent

The parent(s) with whom the child does not live.

non-FS unit member

A person who lives with the SNAP unit, but who is not required to be in the SNAP benefit unit and is not included in it.

non-homestead property

Land, and any buildings on the land, that is owned by an applicant or customer; and on which they do not live and do not intend to live.

nonliquid asset

Property (e.g. houses, land, trust accounts) that is not easily converted to cash.

nonmarital child

A child whose parents were not married when the child was conceived or born and for whom paternity has not been established.

non-TANF Medicaid child

A child under age 18 who receives Medicaid under the AABD program and who has an absent parent.