General Assistance (GA) is a state funded program for families and individuals who do not qualify for benefits under the rules of the federal cash and medical benefit programs; i.e., AABD and TANF. The eligibility requirements for GA are not as restrictive as those for AABD and TANF. Transitional Assistance (GA-TA) is the program for individuals. Family and Children Assistance (GA-FCA) is the program for families.


Benefits are calculated and issued for a payment month. The payment month is not always a calendar month. For example, the payment month for benefits may be February 8th through March 7th. When the payment month changes for some reason, the first day of the new payment month may not begin until after the last day of the old payment month. This creates a "gap" in benefits for the client. Action must be taken to close the "gap" by approving the client to receive the missing benefits.

When the payment month changes and the first day of the new payment month comes before the last day of the old payment month, an "overlap" is created. Action must be taken to reduce benefits for the overlap period, so the client does not receive duplicate benefits.

General Educational Development (GED)

A certificate awarded to a person who successfully passes exams measuring their educational level. The GED certificate is equivalent to a high school diploma.

genetic test

A clinical test done by a certified laboratory to determine paternity. The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test uses a blood or swab sample from the mother, child, and alleged father to find out if he is the biological father.

good cause

A decision that a client is not required to cooperate with child support enforcement, or TANF work & training, or FSE&T because they have a good reason for not having to cooperate.


The person in whose name the case is authorized. In most cases, the grantee is also the payee.

group home

A public or private nonprofit residential setting that serves no more than 16 people and is licensed by the State, such as a Community Integrated Living Facility (CILA). A Supportive Living Facility (SLF) is not considered a group home.

group number

A 2-digit number assigned to benefit units to control workload. The group number provides a way to distribute benefits throughout the calendar month, rather than to all clients at the same time.


A person appointed by a court of law to represent someone in their personal and/or financial matters.