new textdata collection

Reviewing an ABE application or entering customer information into IES.

new textdata synchronization 

Refers to the transfer of data between IES and CDB to help ensure data is kept up-to-date in both systems during the transition to IES.  


The total amount of past due payments which remain unpaid under the most recent order for withholding; or, if there is no order for withholding, under the most recent support order.

developmentally disabled (DD)

A person born with a physical, mental, or neurological impairment.

DHS Facilities

Facilities administered by the Office of Mental Health (OMH), and the Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODD), are known as DHS Facilities.


The temporary or permanent physical, mental, or emotional inability to perform occupations for which a person is qualified.

disbursing order (DO)

A special authorization for a vendor to bill DHS directly for the cost of goods or services provided to a customer.


A federally required accounting process whereby the amount of child support collection is separated and:

  • given to the customer receiving child support services; and/or
  • sent to another child support IV-D agency; and/or
  • sent to the Federal Government; and/or
  • kept by the State of Illinois; and/or
  • returned to the noncustodial parent.

domestic violence

An act or deed by which a person has been battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by another person, who may or may not live in the household. Domestic violence needs to be documented by verification, circumstances or custodial parent reliability. See PM 24-02-04 for good cause claim for child support due to domestic violence.

new textdriver flow

Defines the pages that need to be completed for a case record in IES based on unique characteristics about a household.

due date schedule

A monthly chart that shows cut-off dates for taking action to affect benefits and the scheduled date(s) for issuing benefits.