Policy Manual (PM) Workers' Action Guide (WAG)
Railroad Retirement Benefits
Railroad Retirement Benefits PM 09-03-01-c WAG 09-03-01-c
Recipient Ledger Inquiry PM 22-08-05 WAG 22-08-05
Recipient Medicaid Eligibility Information Inquiry System (MMIS) PM 22-08-07 WAG 22-08-07
Recipient Restriction Program PM 20-05-00 WAG 20-05-00
Reconciliation Process PM 24-04-03 WAG 24-04-03
Penalty for Refusal or Failure to Comply PM 03-13-04 WAG 03-13-04
See Overpayment n/a n/a
Redetermination (Rede)
KCM&B PM 06-09-07
Cash PM 19-02-00 WAG 19-02-00
Medical PM 19-02-00 WAG 19-02-00
FS PM 19-03-00 WAG 19-03-00
Revised TextEZ REDE PM 19-07-00 WAG 19-07-00
Referral/Coordination PM 02-02-00 WAG 02-02-00
Refugees/Asylees who Lost SSI due to 7-Year Limit PM 11-04-00 WAG 11-04-00
Refugee Resettlement Program (Cash) PM 06-01-00 WAG 06-01-00
Benefit Requirements PM I-02-03-a WAG 25-02-01-a
Registration: see also Voter Registration
Registration PM 02-05-02 WAG 02-05-02
Screening and Registration for Mail-in or Faxed Applications PM 02-05-03 WAG 02-05-03
SNAP REDE Process WAG 19-03-03
TANF/All Kids PM 02-07-03-g
Caretaker Relative PM 03-05-01 WAG 03-05-01
Relocation Expenses
Expenses with Cash and Time Limits PM 21-05-02 WAG 21-05-02
Renal Disease/Dialysis
Renal Dialysis (TANF, AABD) PM 20-23-00 WAG 20-23-00
Chronic Renal Disease (CRD) PM 22-07-02-c WAG 22-07-02-c
Medical Program Coverage WAG 25-02-04
Reopening Food Stamps
FS REDE PM 19-03-08 WAG 19-03-08
initial application PM 17-04-03-d WAG 17-04-03-d
Repatriate Program PM 06-02-00 WAG 06-02-00
Refugee and Repatriate Program PM I-02-03-b WAG 28-01-01-b
Repayment of Benefits
See Overpayment PM 01-01-07 WAG 01-01-07
Cash PM 22-02-00 WAG 22-02-00
Food/Food Stamps PM 22-03-00 WAG 22-03-00
Illinois Link card PM 22-01-01-d WAG 22-01-01-d
MediPlan Card PM 22-02-00 WAG 22-02-00
changes PM 18-04-00 WAG 18-04-00
timely PM 08-01-03 WAG 08-01-03
Representative Payee
TANF, AABD, GA-FCS PM 16-03-00 WAG 16-03-00
Verification of Eligibility Factors PM 02-07-03-d
Nonfinancial Factors PM 03-02-00 WAG 03-02-00
Resource Coordination
See Service Plan n/a n/a
Resource Directory and Connections (RD&C)
Resource Directory WAG 02-02-01
Responsibility & Services Plan
TANF PM 02-09-00 WAG 02-09-00
Responsible Relative 
Support Standards PM 09-02-02 WAG 09-02-02
Responsible Relative Living with Unit PM 09-02-03 WAG 09-02-03
Responsible Relative Not Living with Unit PM 09-02-04 WAG 09-02-04
Restoring Assistance 
Restoring Assistance PM 19-04-00 WAG 19-04-00
Retrospective Budgeting
Budgeting Methods WAG 25-06-03-a (TANF)
Returned Benefits
cash PM 22-04-02 WAG 22-04-02
food stamps PM 22-04-01 WAG 22-04-01
Link card WAG 22-01-01-t