WAG 23-09-01-d: Filing and Renewing Lien

PM 23-09-01-d.

Cash Customer

Within 30 days of approving cash or within 30 days of the date the FCRC becomes aware of real property owned by the customer:

  1. (FCRC) Send Revised textReport of Real & Personal Property (Revised textIL444-0008; "DPA 8") to the HFS Bureau of Collections (BOC) Technical Recovery Section. Keep a copy in the case file.
  2. (BOC) Completes the lien filing process.
  3. (BOC) Completes Notice and Claim of Lien (Form 237).
    1. Files Form 237 with the County Recorder of Deeds.
    2. Sends copy of Form 237 to the FCRC.
  • NOTE: When the property is located outside the county where the customer is living, the lien is filed in the name of the FCRC administrator of the county where the property is located.
  1. (County Recorder) Returns one copy of Form 237 to the HFS BOC Technical Recovery Section.
  2. (BOC) Sends Notification of Lien (Form 3419) to the customer within 10 calendar days of receiving Form 237 from the County Recorder.

Medical Customer in a Medical Institution

  1. (FCRC) Send completed Revised textIL444-0008 and verifications to the HFS BOC Technical Recovery Section.
    • Include copy of Revised textDetermination of Resource Allowance (Form 3190), if completed.
  2. (BOC) Determines, based on information from Revised textIL444-0008, when a customer has resided in a medical institution for at least 120 calendar days.
  3. Sends Notification of Intent to File a Lien (Form 3419A) to the client.
  4. Completes the lien filing process.
  • NOTE: Follow AABD Cash customer steps 3 through 5.

Filing Fees

  1. (BOC) Pays all fees required to register the lien.
  2. (BOC) Adds the amount of the fee to the amount of the lien.

Renewing the Lien

  • (BOC) Maintains a lien control file and is responsible for lien renewals.