PM 23-09-01-d: Filing and Renewing a Lien

WAG 23-09-01-d.

The Technical Recovery Section in the HFS Bureau of Collections (BOC) is responsible for filing liens.

Timeframes for filing are:

  • AABD Cash - within 30 days of approval.
  • AABD Medical Client in a Medical Institution - within 30 days of approval, if the 120-day period has been met. If the 120-day period has not been met, HFS BOC tracks the 120-day period using information given them by the Family Community Resource Center. They will let the Family Community Resource Center know when the 120-day period is met and will file the lien.

The County Recorder of Deeds may charge a fee to file a lien. The amount of the fee is added to the amount of the lien.

Liens must be renewed every 5 years.