WAG 23-09-01-c: Referring Information on Property

PM 23-09-01-c.

  1. (FCRC) Complete Revised textReport of Real & Personal Property (IL444-0008; "DPA 8"). Include a copy of the property deed and/or tax bill.
    1. Record the first day of a continuous stay in a medical institution if the customer is in a long term care facility.

      NOTE: The medical institution can be a long term care facility or hospital if the customer goes to the long term care facility directly from the hospital. 

    2. Revised textIf the customer has a spouse, record the spouse's name and SSN. Provide the date of death if the spouse is deceased. If there is no spouse, enter none.
    3. Send Revised textIL444-0008 ("DPA 8") to the HFS Division of Finance, Bureau of Collections (BOC), Technical Recovery Section.
      • Revised textIn Cook County:
      • Technical Recovery Section
        401 S. Clinton Ave., 5th Floor
        Chicago, IL 60607-3800
      • Revised textOutside Cook County:
      • Technical Recovery Section
        2200 Churchill Rd., Bldg. A-1
        Springfield, IL 62702-3406
  • NOTE: A complete Revised textIL444-0008 must include:
    • a copy of the property deed; or
    • New texta copy of the annual tax bill or assessment; or
    • the exact legal description; or
    • the permanent real estate Index number.
  1. (BOC) Completes a title search at the County Recorder of Deeds to obtain, if necessary, the exact legal description of the property and to verify current ownership.
    1. Enters the information on Revised textIL444-0008 or attaches a copy of the current deed.