WAG 28-05-07: Monthly Accounting and Reporting

On last workday of each month, the CoF balances the Inventory Ledger Book.

  1. (CoF) Enters the balances at the end of previous month.
  2. (CoF) Adds the funds received during current month.
  3. (CoF) Subtracts the number of CTA Transit Cards distributed during month.
  4. (Supervisor) Ensures the amount recorded in the Ledger Book equals the actual count of CTA Transit Cards on hand, the receipts in process, and the receipts in transit.
    1. Counts the supplies of CTA Transit Cards on hand and receipts in process and in transit.
    2. Compares actual counts with results in #1.
    3. (CoF) Records discrepancies under Remarks in Inventory Ledger Book.
  5. (CoF) Files Reports.
  6. (CoF) Transfers these final figures to Monthly Report for CTA Transit Cards (Form 2517A).
  7. (CoF) Submits report to the ERFU by 5th of following month.