WAG 28-05-06: Fund Overages

  1. (CoF) Investigates reason for overage.
    1. Interviews all persons involved to determine if the discrepancy is due to negligence.
  2. (CoF) Examines and keeps all available evidence.
  3. (CoF) Prepares corrective action plan or starts disciplinary action.
  4. (CoF) Prepares a report of overage and provides it to the LOA/OM, that includes investigatory process followed, conclusion, and corrective action plan.
  5. (LOA/OM) 5. Distributes the report.
    1. Sends the report to the ERFU.
    2. Sends a copy of the report to the Regional Manager.
  6. (ERFU) Confirms receipt of the overage report by memo.
  7. (ERFU) Enters the overage in the inventory of Family Community Resource Center CTA Transit Cards for future disbursement.
  8. (CoF) 8. Receives the memo from the ERFU confirming receipt.