WAG 28-05-01-b: Changing the Custodian of Funds (CoF)

  1. (LOA/OM) Requests ERFU to process a new Form 2412 when changing CoFs.
  2. (ERFU) Sends the LOA a new Form 2412.
  3. (LOA/OM) Obtains signature of newly assigned CoF on Form 2412.

    NOTE: The newly assigned CoF's signature must be notarized. 

  4. (LOA/OM) Returns signed and notarized Form 2412 to the ERFU.

At time of transfer of responsibilities:

  1. (CoF) Provides the ERFU with a final report of the balances of CTA Transit Cards.
  2. (CoF) Completes Change of Custodianship - Transportation Fund (Form 2809).
    1. Completes Inventory Section as of the date of transfer.
  3. (LOA/OM) Obtains signatures of the present CoF and the successor CoF on Form 2809.
  4. (LOA/OM) Distributes Form 2809 as follows:
    • Original to the ERFU.
    • One copy to the regional office/bureau.
    • One copy for office files.