WAG 23-05-02-b: Repayment - Canceled Cases

PM 23-05-02-b.

Refer all questions about collection on a canceled case to BOC.

Treasury Offset Program (TOP)

The federal Treasury Offset Program (TOP) allows DHS to collect money by withholding part or all of a former client's:

  • federal income tax refund; or
  • a portion of Social Security benefits (when benefits exceed $750 per month); or
  • other selected federal warrants.

(BOC) Sends Pre-Offset Notice (Form 3445) to former client to warn them that DHS intends to take money from their federal income tax refund unless the claim is paid or other repayment arrangements are made. The form tells them to make arrangements or discuss the matter with the Account Offset Unit of BOC and gives them the phone number.

NOTE: All contact regarding TOP is through BOC. If someone calls the FCRC about Form 3445, tell them to call the unit shown in the letter.