WAG 23-05-02-a: Repayment - Active Cases

PM 23-05-02-a.

The FCRC does not start recoupment for SNAP overpayments. Recoupment is done centrally.

  • (CO) Updates Form 552:
  • Item 2 - Effective Date
  • Item 3 - Enters TA 31
  • Item 4 - Enters 1
  • Item 44 - Enters P__
  • Item 90 - Code 700, Monthly SNAP Recoupment Amount
  • Item 91 - Code 810, SNAP Total to be Recouped, and code 811, SNAP Total Recouped to Date (amount as of the Effective Date in Item 2).
  • 2. (CO) Produces a Form 552 each month a recoupment action is taken. Form 552 shows the recoupment taken for that month. The amount is also reflected on the Recipient Ledger Inquiry (PF6) (see IPACS).

The amount shown in code 811 is increased each month by the amount that was recouped. Recoupment is taken on every regular roll authorization.deleted text Automatic recoupment continues until the total overpayment amount listed in code 810 is recouped or a central action is taken to end the claim and remove the codes.

NOTE: The FCRC cannot add, delete, or change Form 552 codes 700, 810, and 811 or the amount assigned to each code.