WAG 26-04-02-b: Loss of C-13c

Client Loses C-13c

When a client says they lost or did not receive the C-13c:

  1. (Client) Signs HFS 1118, Request for Replacement of Lost C-13c.
  2. (Financial Unit) Calls the vendor to see if they received the C-13c from the client.
    1. Tells the vendor the C-13c is canceled if they have not received the C-13c.
  3. (Financial Unit) Calls the Administrative Vouchering Unit to see if the C-13c has been received.
    1. Tells the Vouchering Unit the C-13c is canceled if it has not been received.

Vendor Loses C-13c

If the vendor loses parts 1, 2, and 3 of the C-13c, but has part 5:

  1. (Vendor) Completes 4 copies of HFS 178, Loss of Parts 1 - 3 of C-13c.
  2. (Vendor) Sends HFS 178 to the FCRC that issued the C-13c.
  3. (Financial Unit) Checks HFS 178 for completeness.
    1. Pulls the control C-13c copy.
    2. Staples one copy of HFS 178 to the control copy and puts the stapled set back in the control file.
  4. (Financial Unit) Staples the remaining 3 copies of HFS 178 to the 5th part of C-13c.
    1. (Financial Unit) Sends this stapled set to Administrative Vouchering with a cover memo.

If the vendor loses all parts of the C-13c:

  1. (FCRC) Give the vendor a copy of the Financial Unit's control C-13c copy.
  2. (FCRC) Contact the client to see if the item or service was received.
  3. (FCRC) Record the actions taken in the case record.
  4. (FCRC) Refer all inquiries from vendors about payment of the disbursing order to the Administrative Vouchering Unit.
  5. (Financial Unit) Sends a copy of the control copy to the Administrative Vouchering Unit with a cover memo, if the client says the item or service was received.