WAG 24-05-02-d: Support Paid to the Family

PM 24-05-02-d

When child support has not been forwarded to the Department, take one of the following actions:


  1. Budget any non-earmarked support payments kept in the current budget month as income for the corresponding payment month, after disregarding up to new manual material $100 for pass through purposes for one child, or up to $200 for two or more children in unit. Budget the income using code 544, Support Received But Not Forwarded to IV-D, in Item 90 of Form 552. Continue to consider and budget retained non-earmarked support payments as income until:
    • the client forwards support payments to HFS as required;
    • new manual materialDCSS obtains an order payable to HFS; or
    • the client verifies that the noncustodial parent has stopped making payments. The client may verify that payments stopped by providing a statement or copy of the payment ledger from the Clerk of the Court or by providing a statement from the noncustodial parent.

      During the period the client is removed from the benefit unit continue to budget as income any current non-earmarked support payments kept by the client, after disregarding up to new manual material $100 for pass through purposes, for a unit with one child, or up to $200 for two or more children in the unit. Do not divert any of the child support prior to budgeting. 

  2. An overpayment of benefits occurs for each month a non-earmarked support payment was kept and not considered as income in the eligibility determination.

new manual material(DCSS) Sends Possible Overpayment Notice (Form 3473) to the FCRC to report a possible overpayment. This form states that a new manual materialDCSS review found the client received TANF Cash benefits and child support payments at the same time. The child support payments were received by the client directly from the Clerk of the Circuit Court and not forwarded to Springfield.

(FCRC) Upon receipt of Form 3473, determine if an overpayment occurred and the amount of the overpayment (see PM 23-05-01-a). Do not respond to new manual materialDCSS based on the information on this form.

KIDS shows payments made directly to the client from the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

When determining the amount of the overpayment, disregard up to new manual material$100 for a unit with one child, or $200 for a unit with two or more children, from the monthly ordered child support kept by the client, for pass through. For voluntary payments disregard new manual material $100 for a unit with one child, or $200 for a unit with two or more children, or the voluntary payment, whichever is less.

Medical Only

Child support is exempt from medical cases that use MAGI budgeting. See PM 08-03-02-a.

For budgeting child support on AABD medical cases, see PM 08-02-06-e and PM 15-04-03-f.