WAG 24-05-01: Pass Through

PM 24-05-01

(System) Issues regular and retroactive pass through payments to eligible families, regardless of whether or not it corresponds to the group/schedule mailing date of the benefit checks. A record of pass through payments is kept on a daily basis.

NOTE: Both current and retroactive new manual material pass through payments are exempt income for TANF budgeting. See PM 13-01-00 for SNAP budgeting.

Each time the client receives a regular and/or retroactive pass through payment,new manual material IL 444-2655, Information Regarding Child Support Pass Through Payment, is mailed to the client's home address. The form tells the amount of the payment and effective date of the payment.

Canceled cases may continue to receive pass through payments for support received before case cancellation. New manual materialThe check and IL 444-2655 are mailed to the client's home address.

manual material removed

For pass through payments, the effective month is determined by New Manual MaterialDCSS's Collection Date (COLDTE).

(FCRC) To identify a pass through payment, "Child Support" and Child Support Payment Reason Code 609 are printed on the check. In addition, TA 99 and Child Support Payment Reason Code 609 are shown on the Recipient Ledger File.

new manual material(DCSS) Sends monthly Mercury payrolls that identify the cases which were issued a pass through payment. FCRCs use these payrolls for replacement purposes.

(FRC) If a client appeals not being issued a pass through payment and no support was received, provide the caseworker a written statement that no support payment was received for the month in question.

(FCRC) Present this statement at the appeal hearing if the appeal is not withdrawn after the pre-hearing meeting.