WAG 24-04-10: Repealing a Sanction

PM 24-04-10


To repeal a level 1 child support sanction, use TA 31/TAR 38 and delete the code 165 completely. Do the same thing for a level 2 or 3 sanction if there is any sanction code at the previous level present on the Form 552.

To repeal a level 2 or 3 sanction when the previous level sanction was by the same person and the old code 165 has been replaced by the current code, complete Form 552 with TA 31/TAR 37. Reenter the previous inactive code 165 (level 1, 2, or 3) in Item 80, as it was before the repealed sanction was entered. Enter 90 in Item 39 to withhold the central notice. Send the completed Form 552 to the Exception Processing Unit in Springfield for system entry.

Issue lost benefits by Mercury using code 255.


Authorize all lost medical benefits by adding the client to an active case or by restoring assistance to a canceled case, using the date benefits were stopped as the effective date.


Change Item 78 from 4 to a dash. Enter the date medical benefits were stopped as the beginning date of medical coverage.