PM 24-04-08: Ending a Sanction

WAG 24-04-08

To end the sanction, the person who failed to cooperate must comply with the child support requirement. In most cases, this means doing the thing the person failed to do which caused the sanction. If this is not possible, the person can do something else to show they are cooperating.

Restore medical benefits as soon as the person cooperates.


Cash benefits are restored based on the level of the sanction. For level 1, it is when the person cooperates. For levels 2 and 3, it is when the person has cooperated and the sanction has lasted 3 months. For level 2 and 3 sanctions, any month the family receives no cash benefits after the sanction is imposed counts as a sanction month, regardless of the reason for no benefits.

The sanction also ends when the initial 3-month sanction period is over and the family has been off cash and medical assistance for at least one full month.