PM 24-04-07: Sanctions in Effect More Than 3 Months (TANF)

WAG 24-04-07.

At schedule cut-off, a central notice goes to active cases that are in the 2nd or 3rd month of a 50% sanction if they are receiving a cash benefit and have not cooperated. The notice reminds the client of the sanction and warns them that they will receive no cash benefits for the 4th month if the noncooperating person does not meet requirements before then.

When the person has not cooperated within 3 months, the family receives no cash benefits for the 4th month. The system places the case (or leaves it) in zero grant status for the 4th month. Staff must SWAP these cases to Medical. The person must meet the requirement before the family can qualify for a SWAP to cash again.

If the medical case is canceled and the family receives no cash or medical assistance for at least a month, they may reapply. They have to meet regular Intake cooperation requirements before the reapplication can be approved.