PM 24-04-05: Applying the Sanction (TANF)

WAG 24-04-05

The sanction applies to the case in which the noncooperating person currently receives cash benefits. The sanction does not apply if the noncooperating person is no longer in the cash case.

If the person is not required to be in the TANF case (see PM 04-01-00), they may request to be removed. If the noncooperating person is added back to the cash case before the sanction has ended, apply the rest of the sanction penalty to the case.

When the noncooperating person leaves the home before ending the sanction, benefits are restored for the month the person is removed from the case. If the person is added back to the case within 3 months after the sanction began, the rest of the sanction must be served.

The sanction applies statewide, so a person cannot avoid sanction by moving to another Family Community Resource Center area.

If the sanction is based on the client's failure to cooperate with CSE for a child(ren) and that child(ren) is no longer on cash or medical assistance, the sanction no longer applies.