WAG 24-04-01-b: Penalty for Refusal to Comply (Active AABD)

  1. (FCRC) Stop medical for an AABD client who does not cooperate with the CSE process by completing their Form 552 as follows:
    • Item 2 -Enter the first regular roll month that the change can be made.
    • Item 3 -Enter TA 31 (change) for Cash or TA 22 (cancel) for Medical.
    • Item 33 -Enter TAR 60 for Cash or TAR 56 for Medical.
    • Item 39 -Enter 90 to suppress the central notice.
    • Item 44 -Complete for cash.
    • Item 78 -Complete for cash. Enter 4, which suppresses medical and issues cash and food stamps.
  2. Manually complete and send Form 157, to notify the person about their ineligibility for medical due to noncooperation with CSE. Enter on the form the reason for determining that the client refused to cooperate in the CSE process (see PM 24-02-01 for the list of reasons for failure to cooperate).
  3. If the children receive Assist, change the payee status on the child(ren)'s Form 552 by entering RPN in Item 8.
  4. If the unit's SNAP benefits were authorized on the AABD Medical case, change the SNAP authorization to the Form 552 for the child(ren)'s case (see WAG 18-04-13). Change the payee's Item 78 code from X to 8.