PM 24-04-01: Penalty for Refusal to Comply (Family Health Plans, AABD Medical, AABD Cash)

WAG 24-04-01

Remove medical from a client in a Family Health Plans, AABD Medical or AABD cash case who revised textrefuses to cooperate with the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) process.

A person whose medical benefits have stopped for not cooperating with the CSE process can show willingness to cooperate by:

  • stating they want to cooperate; or
  • giving a valid reason; or
  • proving good cause.

Restore medical benefits when the person revised textsigns Form 3180 Agreement to Meet Program Requirements or is exempt from cooperation due to good cause. Revised textA signed request to add the parent is needed if the parent's medical was closed. If the case is canceled, an application is required. Deleted textOnce the caretaker relative signs Form 3180, approve the application if otherwise eligible.

New Text.A noncooperating customer who is pregnant or in the postpartum period is eligible for medical (see WAG 24-02-03). All others who refuse to comply are not eligible for medical for themselves.