WAG 24-03-06: Reporting Changes

PM 24-03-06

  1. (FCRC) Use Change in Case/Non-Custodial Parent Status (Form 493) to report the following information to DCSE:
    • A request by a client for an appointment with DCSE, for a reason other than cooperation in the CSE activities.
    • Changes in the NCP information:
      • current address,
      • Social Security Number,
      • employer name and address, and
      • telephone number.
    • Other information previously unknown.
    1. (Downstate) Send Form 493 to the DCSE regional office serving the Family Community Resource Center.
    2. (Cook) Send Form 493 to:

      Operations Services Unit
      Bureau of Cook County Field Operations
      32 West Randolph, Room 890
      Chicago, IL 60601 

  2. (DCSE) Sends Correction of Form 552 Data (Form 2916) to the FRC in the Family Community Resource Center. This form reports that the Key Information Delivery System (KIDS) has information that differs from CIS.
    1. (FRC) Forwards the form to the caseworker.
    2. (Caseworker) Determine if information needs to be changed on Form 552 and do the following:
      • change/verify information for the next month that can be affected; or
      • mark the box at the bottom of Form 2916 if information on Form 552 does not need a change; and
      • return Form 2916 to the FRC.