PM 24-03-05: Reporting Orders and Payments

WAG 24-03-05

Child support or medical support payments may be ordered payable to:

  • HFS;
  • another state's child support agency;
  • Clerks of the Circuit Court; or
  • clients.

Child support or medical support payments may be sent:

  • directly from the noncustodial parent;
  • from the Clerk of the Circuit Court, when payments are made by the noncustodial parent to the clerk; or
  • from DCSE, when payments are directed through HFS.

To determine eligibility when a child receives TANF/AABD cash, Family Health Plans or AABD Medical and support from a noncustodial parent or alleged father, the client must give the terms of the support order or voluntary support payment.

The Family Community Resource Center receives a notice from DCSE for each case in which support is ordered and paid to HFS.