WAG 24-03-02-c: Withdrawing a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity

(FCRC) Use Rescission of the Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (Form 3416E) when the mother or the man who signed Form 3416B as the biological father wants to withdraw the acknowledgment.

Give an oral explanation about withdrawing the acknowledgment of paternity at a paternity interview. The rights and responsibilities listed on Form 3416B or Form 3416BC4 includes information about withdrawing the acknowledgment. Give Form 3416E to the mother and/or the alleged father only when they ask for it. If they ask for the form when a paternity interview is not being conducted, give it to them and explain their rights and responsibilities.

If the mother or the alleged father wants you to witness the signature on the form, they must sign the form in front of you.

Tell the mother or the alleged father to send Form 3416E to:

HFS Bureau of Administrative Operations,
Administrative Coordination Unit (ACU)
509 S. 6th Street
Springfield, IL 62701

(FCRC) Tell parents who have questions about withdrawing an acknowledgment to call the Child Support Help Line:

Toll-free at 1-800-447-4278 or
TTY 1-800-526-5812

Do not determine whether or not the withdrawal is valid. When asked by the mother or father, forward all 4 copies of Form 3416E to:

Downstate: The Paternity Establishment Liaison in the child support regional office serving your Family Community Resource Center.

Cook County: Operations Services Unit
32 West Randolph, Room 890
Chicago, IL 60601

When an alleged father signs Form 3416E along with the mother, do not change the legal father status code in Item 63 of Form 552. DCSE sends Change in Case/NonCustodial Parent Status (Form 493) to tell that a withdrawal is valid. Revise the code in Item 63 of Form 552 to show paternity is not established in the father status. If at a future date, a genetic test allows DCSE or the court to establish paternity, DCSE sends Adjudication of Paternity (Form 3148) to the Family Community Resource Center. Revise the code for the father status in Item 63 of Form 552 to indicate there is a legal father.

When Form 493 shows the acknowledgment is withdrawn, attach a copy to the child's birth certificate in the case record.

Do not file an overpayment if you included the father in the TANF cash case and DCSE says the withdrawal is valid. This is a change of circumstances. The change is the day you receive Form 493 from DCSE telling of the withdrawal. Immediately remove the alleged father from TANF cash and medical benefits for the next effective month.