PM 24-02-02: Who Must Cooperate

WAG 24-02-02

Each person who applies for TANF, AABD Cash, or AABD Medical, or All Kids/FamilyCare Assist up to the Family Health Spenddown Standard for a child must cooperate in the CSE activities or show good cause why they should be exempt.

revised TextThis includes a custodial parent in

  • a TANF Cash case who has a child in the same TANF Cash case or separate medical benefits case;
  • a medical case who has a child in the same medical case or a separate TANF Cash case;
  • an AABD case who has a child in a separate TANF Cash case or medical case.

When a benefit unit contains members in more than 2 generations, the minor mother must also cooperate in CSE activities.

new TextWhen a benefit unit contains a legal parent and a stepparent, the stepparent must also cooperate with the CSE activities.

new TextCustodial parents who do not receive any assistance for themselves are not subject to any sanctions or penalties if they do not cooperate with CSE.

new TextCaretaker relatives other than parents are not subject to sanction or penalty if they do not cooperate with CSE, even if they receive benefits for themselves

Note: A pregnant woman who does not cooperate may be eligible for Moms and Babies. Spenddown and Ribicoff clients (94R) are not referred to DCSE. All other cases are referred to DCSE.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) cooperates on behalf of foster care children.

See PM 09-02-00 for all other "support" policy.