WAG 24-02-01: What Is Cooperation

PM 24-02-01.

(FCRC new textTANF only) Tell the mother of a child born out-of-wedlock revised textor out of a civil union that she must sign the Statement Alleging The Existence Of The Father And Child Relationship (Form 3619/3619CF):

  • at intake;
  • at a face-to-face REDE;
  • when adding a child to the TANF Cash casedeleted text;
  • when swapping a child from medical benefits only to TANF Cash.

Whether or not a custodial parent provides information about the alleged father of a child for whom assistance is requested, the custodial parent must also sign Attestation of Information (Form 3759).

By signing Form 3759, the custodial parent attests that to the best of their ability they have provided all the information they are able to provide and that the information is correct. This meets CSE cooperation requirements, even if paternity is not established.

If the mother refuses to sign Form 3759, the case is not eligible for TANF Cashdeleted text. Approve the revised textcase for medical benefits if otherwise eligible.

If the case is canceled because the mother did not sign Form 3759, and later the mother wants to cooperate, allow her to sign the form after you complete Paternity Establishment Information (Form 3646).

Also ask the mother of a child born out-of-wedlock revised text or out of a civil union to sign the Voluntary Acknowledgment Of Paternity (Form 3416B/3416BC), and the Agreement To Be Bound By The Results Of Genetic Testing (Form 3626). The mother is not required to sign either of these voluntary forms. If the mother chooses not to sign one or both of these voluntary forms, do not cancel or sanction the case.