WAG 24-01-04-b: Assignment For Medical Support (AABD, TANF)

PM 24-01-04-b

If a child received medical benefits, but never required medical services, there is no unpaid accrued medical support owed to HFS. All of the medical support collected is paid to the family.

Amounts collected for medical support are payable to HFS for all cases except non-assistance (NA) cases. Any money collected for unpaid medical support is kept by HFS.

Current monetary support amounts collected for children who do not receive cash benefits, but who do receive medical benefits, are payable to the family regardless of the payment path. Monetary child support is not counted toward payment of medical costs by the HFS.

Example: A noncustodial parent (NCP) is ordered to pay medical support of $100 per month for a child who receives AABD Cash. The payments made to HFS are irregular. The NCP owes HFS $400 in medical support payments. The AABD case is canceled and the assignment of medical support ceases. However, the NCP increases the payment to catch up on unpaid medical support. The NCP pays $200 in the month of the AABD cancellation.

HFS sends (redirects) $100 to the client as that is the amount the NCP is to pay for that month. The client is not receiving medical benefits, so they are entitled to the current medical support payment.

The other $100 is kept by HFS and subtracted from the unpaid accrued medical support. The NCP now has unpaid accrued medical support of $300.