WAG 22-14-04: ORS Home Service Providers Data Exchange

PM 22-14-04.

The match identifies each TANF client who is employed as an ORS Personal Attendant and is employed less hours than is expected for a TANF client.

A client identified by the match is sent Notice to Client Employed as a Personal Attendant (Form 4062). The form reminds the client of their goal of becoming self-supporting and the expectation that they be employed or in a work activity for more hours than they are at the present time. It also informs them that additional hours of employment may be available through the ORS Home Service Program.

The match is run once a quarter (i.e. every January, April, July, and October).

A list of the clients identified by the crossmatch is provided each quarter to ORS. A copy of the list is also sent to each DHS Family Community Resource Center for which a client was identified. When a client was sent a Form 4062, at the next monthly contact discuss the opportunity for increased employment with them. Revise the Responsibility and Services Plan (RSP) as needed.