WAG 22-09-03: Refusing to Cooperate With QC Review (FS)

PM 22-09-03

See WAG 17-04-03-e, for denying a SNAP unit that contains a member(s) that refused to cooperate with a quality control review.

When a SNAP unit that was denied or canceled using TAR 99 reapplies during the period of ineligibility:

  1. (FCRC) Check the case record copy of Quality Control Report - Review Findings/Family Community Resource Center Action (Form 263/263N), for the sample month used for the QC review.
  2. (FCRC) Check to see if the SNAP unit member(s) that refused to cooperate is still in the SNAP unit or active on another case. Note: If the FCRC is unable to determine which unit member(s) refused to cooperate, the Bureau of SNAP Integrity will determine which SNAP unit gets the penalty.
  3. (FCRC) Notify BSNAPI immediately by memo.
  4. (revised textBSNAPI) Establishes a 5 calendar day control.
  5. (revised textBSNAPI) Reviews all identification information and QC files.
  6. (revised textBSNAPI) Sends a memo to the FCRC to report whether the SNAP unit revised textmember(s) cooperated with the QC review.

    NOTE: Entitlement to expedited service does not exist until cooperation with QC has been demonstrated by the SNAP unit. 

  7. (FCRC) Notify BSNAPI if expedited service is needed.