WAG 22-09-01-a: Federal Quality Control Rereview (SNAP)

USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) quality control staff conduct random samples of the State's SNAP QC Reviews. For those cases selected, FNS reviews the QC file and may contact the client. FNS also reviews the FCRC certification files on a small percent of these sampled cases. Federal regulations require the Department provide FNS with requested records within 10 calendar days of the date requested.

  1. (FNS) Requests certification records from the Bureau of SNAP Integrity.
  2. (BSNAPI) Clears the cases on ACID to verify correct FCRC.
  3. (BSNAPI) Requests certification file from the appropriate FCRC within one workday of the receipt of request from FNS.
  4. (FCRC) Mail the entire case record, including Form 552 and Form 1376/1376C, within one workday after the request is received. Send the material by certified mail, return receipt requested, to:

    Bureau of SNAP Integrity
    100 South Grand Avenue East
    Springfield, IL 62762 

  5. (FCRC) Keep copies of the following forms in case of a client request or required case action while the case record is out of the office:
    • Application Form (Form 2378C add text if not saved in Content Management/2378H/683/4765);
    • Summary Case Information (Form 1376/1376C);
    • most recent REDE Form (Form 683 or 4765); and
    • most recent Form 553F/553FC, Form 683B. or the revised textACM SNAP Calculation if not saved in Content Management; 

      NOTE: Do not copy the entire case record before mailing it. 

      Contact BSNAPI if there is an emergency need for the case record. 

  6. (BSNAPI) Delivers the case records directly to FNS.
  7. (FNS) Returns the case records to the FCRC. Records can be kept for no more than 10 workdays.