WAG 22-08-20: Hearing System

PM 22-08-20.

The Assistance Hearings Section enters and updates the information in the Hearing System. The system is available to other Department staff for inquiry only. To do an inquiry:

  1. From the IMSA sign-on screen, type /FOR P2HEAR and press Enter. The HEARING SYSTEM MENU SCREEN appears.
  2. On the HEARING SYSTEM MENU SCREEN, do one of the following to obtain the HEARING SYSTEM SUMMARY SCREEN(s):
    1. Enter the Family Community Resource Center number and press PF/F1 to receive the HEARING SYSTEM SUMMARY SCREEN(s) with all appeals for that Family Community Resource Center. The appeals are listed in alphabetical order by the appellant's last name.
    2. Enter an appellant's name and press PF/F2 to receive the HEARING SYSTEM SUMMARY SCREEN(s) with all appeals in the state made by persons with that last name and a first name that starts with the same 3 letters.

      NOTE: The HEARING SYSTEM SUMMARY SCREEN contains the following information for each appeal listed: the appellant's full first and last names, case number, appeal status, appeal date, and hearing number. If an appellant has filed more than one appeal, their name and appeal information appears separately for each appeal. 

  3. To obtain more information about an appeal listed on the HEARING SYSTEM SUMMARY SCREEN, enter an X by the entry and press PF/F5. The HEARING SYSTEM DETAIL SCREEN AS OF (DATE) appears.

NOTE: The HEARING SYSTEM DETAIL SCREEN AS OF (DATE) contains the appellant's name, appeal number, case and recipient numbers, date the appeal was filed, appeal status, date of appeal, hearing date (if scheduled), and hearing results (when available). This screen may also contain the program, date of disposition, disposition, and issue description for the appeal. The information is current as of the DATE shown in the screen title.