WAG 22-08-18: Interim Recipient Database (IRDB)

PM 22-08-18

new text Updating the IRDB Through WinGrape Option F7

When a medical benefits recipient has a need for medical services before their eligibility information is posted to MMIS, use the Interim Eligibility System in WinGrape Option F7 to update the IRDB. Entries to this screen will update the IRDB when:

  1. the case is new or reinstated and less than 11 days old, or
  2. a person was added to the medical benefit unit within the past 10 days, or
  3. spenddown was met.

How do I complete an IRDB Inquiry?

The IRDB is in IMSA and is RACF protected. To access IMSA through RACF, enter the following information on the sign-on screen:

  • your RACF user identification number;
  • your RACF password; and
  • the application you want to select (IMSA).


The next screen displayed is the IMSA sign-on screen.

To sign on to the IRDB, enter /FOR P1COEAO, and press ENTER or RETURN. This displays Screen A.

To complete an IRDB inquiry, enter the following information on Screen A:

  1. Enter an I in the field to the left of the RECIP ID (Recipient Identification Number) field.
  2. Enter the RECIP ID (RIN) of the person on whom you want to make an inquiry.


You can enter up to 5 separate inquiries on Screen A.

To access Screen B, and display multiple IRDB segments for a specific inquiry, press the PF12/F12 key. The system displays a maximum of 3 IRDB segments for each recipient. The oldest segment displays first.

How do I exit the IRDB Inquiry Screens?

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When you have completed your inquiries, take the following actions:

  1. Return to the main inquiry screen (Screen A).
  2. Press the PF11/F11 key to exit the IRDB inquiry screen.

revised textThe system displays a new screen with a MMIS logo and a graphic of the State of Illinois. From the MMIS logo screen, press the Pause key. (When you press the Pause key the Num Lock must be off.)

From the blank screen, you may access another inquiry system, such as /FOR PACIS to access the Illinois Healthcare and Family Services Communications System (IPACS) menu. Or, press Shift + PF9/F9 while on the blank screen to exit IMSA completely and return to the Application Selection screen.